Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Best Beauty and Fashion YouTubers

I've always struggled finding YouTubers I liked, I kind of had a faze of art YouTubers and after that gaming. But recently, I've been getting into beauty and fashion more, I've always loved fashion, but make up never really appealed to me. I think it's becoming something I really like, and it's probably down to growing up. This is my last of the best Beauty and Fashion YouTubers...
(1) Zoella ((

Zoella is a British YouTuber who used to write beauty blogs. Her obsession with beauty grew onto YouTube and she now does videos on her clothes and make up hauls. I really enjoy watching her, shes really good at what she does and explains really well. I also enjoy her other festive videos and videos she does with her friends, mostly Sprinkle of Chatter and Tyler Oakly.
(2) CutiePieMarzia ((

Marzia is an Italian YouTuber who now lives in England. She moved to Sweden to be with her boyfriend Felix (Pewdiepie) and then after decided to move to England. Although she is not as consistent with her beauty and fashion videos, she is still really good at them and I love they way she always wears her outfits to show how the hang on her. I think she is really sweet and the clothes she buys are so my style.
(3) HelloMaphie ((

HelloMaphie is a Spanish YouTuber and she focuses on nails. All though she doesn't do much fashion, she is in my top three because of her flawless tutorials for nails. She makes everything easy but the results are amazing and she really got me into nail art. She also teaches you that you don't need all the fancy nail art equipment, just some nail varnish and a few everyday items.
(4)Scola Dondo ((

Scola is an absolutely inspiring YouTuber. She managed to loose 50lbs at just 14, and even though she doesn't do very many fashion or beauty videos, the ones she does are so well put together and are interesting and you can't get bored of them. I also love her healthy lifestyle videos and Q&A's.
(5)Gigi Gorgeous ((
Gigi is an American YouTuber. She is transgender, and she is so inspiring because shes gone through so much yet still manages to keep a smile on her face. Her videos are not only good and helpful, but so hilarious. I'm not really keen on her glamorous style, but I still love her videos.
They are my favorite Beauty and Fashion YouTubers, I hope you like!

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