Monday, 16 December 2013

The differences between America and Britain

The whole world is convinced that British People are posh stuck up people who live in Mansions in the middle of no where with a monocle and tea. And if they don't think that then they think that we all live in the Middle of London jumping onto red buses and meeting the Queen regularly.  And true, there a minority that do that, well not the meeting the Queen bit.I'm from the North of England, so lots of us have strong Yorkshire and Lancashire accents, which I think Americans would find especially amusing. And I do a little, I've been brought up to speak properly, but sometimes a little accent slips through and my friends are always sure to pick up on it.
A girl started at my school a couple of months ago and she was from New York. And naturally everyone freaked out because they thought of Sex in the City, and she was shy and I felt bad because everyone was crowding around her. She sat next to me in Spanish, and I really got to know her and I learned a lot about the differences between America and Britain.
The first floor: The first floor in Britain is the second story, as the first story is the ground floor, but when describing a building you will still say how many floors it has, but in America the first floor is the first story, which I guess makes more sense.
Crib: In Britain, a crib is what you put a baby in for bed, but in America a crib is a small apartment.
Fag: A fag in British is a cigarette, but America 'fag' is a rude word for a gay person. I've seen the American English creeping into Britain and now I can recognize it in both senses.
Lift: A lift in Britain is a device you use to travel between floors, which Americans would call and elevator.
Rubber:  Americans call a rubber an eraser, and they call a condom a rubber. I can only imagine how many funny moments have happened when simply asking for a rubber.
Torch: In America, torches are sticks with a flame on them, and a torch is a flashlight, so you would be a little confused if asking to buy a torch in a shop.
There was many many more but I would of been here forever.

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