Monday, 16 December 2013

The Universe

It wasn't long ago when I was sat in RE lesson when my headteacher came in, he is a very clever man, and even though not many people like him you have to appreciate that. In class we were talking about the Creation Theory, which is a theory created by the same man who invented the pocket watch. Basically, the theory points out that the Universe is like a watch, everything interlocks an works together, and how could that be an accident? Why would everything be linked if that was an accident? However, I'm atheist and even thought I think this is a very strong argument, I still don't believe in God.
But anyway, my headteacher walked in on this discussion on his daily round of checking all the classes. He likes to get into the debate so when our teacher told him what we were talking about he leaped right in. I noticed everyone looked bored, but I was so fascinated about what he said, he told us about how we were all once stars because we came from them, and all the elements in our body come from stars, and in itself that's amazing. And then the conversation drifted to Steven Hawking, who I love, and the Headteacher told us about the book that he wrote, about the universe constantly expanding and collapsing, forever. And how could the nothing create something. Meaning that how could something create existence because something had to exist before existence happened, and it's all a very confusing loophole. 

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